Bars & Restaurants


Pohorec brings hospitality concepts to life with real flair and experience. From simple soul food or fine dining restaurants, through to all-day venues, American bars as well as boutique, design and high-end luxury hotels - creating an immersive realm means much more than providing board, lodgings and service. Visitors become guests with Pohorec. Perfect planning in advance, the use of subtly balanced scents, carefully placed design elements as well as exceptional food and beverage programs allow the guest and customer to immerse themselves in the holistic sensory world and to perceive the sensations as a coherent experience. With Pohorec’s expertise, you will raise your company's hospitality to a new level and maximize the well-being of your guests. Pohorec will work closely with you and evaluate the status quo of your company. He will develop detailed analyses, plans and concepts, provide sensory consultancy and implement specific measures.

Shopping Experience


Whether it’s a boutique, retail store or luxury shop - sensory experiences are hidden in the smallest details. Pohorec creates concepts involving all senses. This encompasses highly attractive design, soothing sounds, exquisite taste, delicate haptic and nuanced aromas. On entering the shop, your customer becomes guest and is immersed in a totally new world. This is a world characterised by a comfortable feeling of well-being, an inspiring setting and overall a compelling experience. Transform your retail business into something special and the contact with your customers and shareholders into a unique experience.

Brand Activation


Turning day-to-day life events into exceptional experiences - this is what brands and people, in equal measure, are striving to achieve. Pohorec bestows these moments with depth and turns them into special experiences: aesthetics combined with haptics, tastes fused with scents, and auditory impressions in harmony with the overall concept. Thus the senses are engaged at a holistic level as part of events and brand activations. Pohorec’s solutions range from private viewings and brand shows, to boutique events, glittering openings, celebratory ceremonies, yachting events and horse races through to concerts, festivals and much more. Would you like your visitors to experience this unique esprit and spirit? Pohorec will develop your entirely individual solution model with you.



Those of us with particular experience and much to say strive to share with others - Reinhard Pohorec has made it his ambition to generate a fascination for the senses. He excites and inspires listeners across the world with his finely tuned awareness of the senses as well as the element of hospitality. He has appeared as a speaker on a variety of stages from New York to Tokyo conveying his unique expertise with passion. All enquiries and bookings via

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