• “Everything is experience.”

    Reinhard Pohorec

    Experience Designer

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    that’s how hospitality should always be

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  • Holistic concepts in the segments retail and event

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Experience Design - Experience Communication

POHOREC - sensory experience accompanies and advises you through the entire process of creating and implementing your business & brand experience.
Together with you, POHOREC designs experience spaces that make your company unique. We counsel you in the analysis, offer measurable implementations and coach you in the world of experience communication, both towards your customers and your team.


"Everything is an experience."

Customized experience concepts with individual solutions for hospitality, retail and other business as well as tailor-made events.
Our mission is to help your company to develop a strong, emotional bond with your customers. The first contact with your company - whether online or offline, on the website or in the store - should be unforgettable. Because your customers should feel welcomed, most comfortable, secure and at home.
POHOREC's unique creations shall inspire people to dream and create moments that are mesmerising and meaningful.

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About Pohorec

The most honest story is told with all senses.

POHOREC stands for extraordinary experience design: concepts around the five senses, holistic corporate and brand worlds, as well as stringent experience communication.

Our primary goal: to touch people emotionally, to appeal to all their senses, to make them feel welcomed, comfortable, secure and at home. We’re creating experiences that are memorable and meaningful.

As an entrepreneur, creative developer and host, Reinhard Pohorec has earned an excellent reputation in the world of experience design, working with luxury brands and in 5* hospitality over the past ten years. POHOREC offers consulting on holistic experience concepts, as well as a wealth of coaching programs and lectures. 

Through his multi-sensory creations and the art of hosting, he has become an award-winning international expert, has built an unparalleled track record in food and beverage with leading companies around the world and most recently the cigar industry. 

His motivation is to create mesmerising moments and experiences that will lead the way with a strong pioneering spirit, building bridges between different industries. 

POHOREC not only delivers his philosophy as a consultant or host in the world's best hotels and retail environments, but is also a prolific writer, speaker and producer of his own product innovations.

  • Sensory Experience appealing to all senses
  • Holistic Concepts and Solutions for hospitality, retail and events
  • Expertise as a Speaker delivering specialist presentations
  • High Class operating with the highest standards


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Together with you, POHOREC designs experiential worlds - at the confluence of digital and analog.
We advise and accompany you in the developments of a holistic corporate culture based on the core principles of hospitality. POHOREC evaluates with you the status quo of the operation, develops detailed analyses, strategies and concepts. Always based on multisensory considerations.
A holistic approach - from design and art to the perfectly concerted scent and the perfect selection of services and products: We turn your company, your brand, your appearance into an experience.
Our services have one thing in common: the principle of hospitality - cast in holistic experiences.
POHOREC - sensory experience accompanies and advises you holistically through the entire process of your business & brand experience.
  • Analysis
  • Content development
  • Process optimization
  • Training
  • Innovation

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