Friday Nighs with Yury Revich

Friday Nights with
Yury Revich

“My sensory” is the multi-sensory dimension (the transdisciplinary aspiration) of Friday Nights, created by Pohorec – sensory experience. The invention of a distinctive fragrance for the UNICEF charity gala opened up the world of sensory collaboration with star violinist Yury Revich and his exceptional event program “Friday Nights with Yury Revich”, as part of which international global stars appear regularly in a form of creative rendezvous.


Using sensory highlights, Pohorec  – sensory experience transports the event's guests into the multifaceted world of human perception, infatuates the senses and accentuates the musical and artistic accents in a harmonious interplay with other protagonists. 

Pohorec  – sensory experience is a multiple award-winning designer of taste and scent and an internationally recognised curator of sensory experiences with a unique style.

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